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High turnaround printing of tabloids, magazines, community newspapers, catalogs, circulars, inserts, brochures, annual reports and more. Baton Rouge Press prints in Coldset Web or UV Web. Take advantage of our graphic design services, on site consultation, mailing, bindery, folding and delivery services. Local delivery availablie within our 250 mile radius and shipping nation wide. All of your work is done under one roof, right here, right now.
Time Sensitive Material and Non-Time Sensitive Material with either Coldset Web or UV Web. For some clients we print every week, some twice a month, others once a month, some a few times a year and then there’s that once in a lifetime.
You will be getting the latest in breakthrough screening technology, which means better pictures for your readers and lower prepress bills for you. It’s called Stochastic FM (frequency modulation screening), we call it Staccato. You’ll call it clean, clean, clean. equipment
You’ll receive easy to understand guidelines and help that will give you an absolutely clean job. You’ll feel like a great composer and Baton Rouge Press is your Orchestra.
What is it you’d like to show and tell? Publishers, Ad Agencies, Corporations, Universities, Church Groups and Government Agencies have an opportunity to fill an information niche in cities and towns all across America. paper rolls
Baton Rouge Press 2621 East Perdue Dr. Baton Rouge, LA, 70814 phone 225-275-8429 Fax 225-272-4798
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