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A community college had its print budget cut on short notice.
By switching from 50# offset paper to 30# newsprint, the community college was able to print their class schedule and save $22,000.00 which was more than half of their original print quote.

Roll of paper

A local sign product company saved enough money on postage to pay for printing their entire circular.
BRP’s ribbon deck fold allowed Baton Rouge Press to create a UV circular that when folded and tabbed qualified for the letter rate, saving over $4,000.00.


A fishing industry supplier saved 25% of their print cost by moving their product catalog from sheet fed printing to web printing.
The product catalog is printed in one run and comes off the press collated and ready for bindery.

A statewide church organization was able to increase readership.
They made their news more timely by switching their glossy sheet fed convention news to UV Web and inserting it into their cold web printed newspaper while saving postage and printing costs.

Baton Rouge Press showed them how to get their piece into 440,000 homes with the same budget.
An ad agency had a client who wanted to show how trees could protect people’s homes during storms. They had a budget to get the piece seen in 25,000 homes.There is no telling how many trees and homes we helped save

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