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Oh, If I had only known"
...the plaintive sigh of the uninformed, the one who missed out. Who, what, why, where and when — We need to know now as much as ever. We need to work harder, dig harder, listen more, look more, think more, ask more of the story, the design, the writing, the printing, each other and of ourselves. Print is more than words and pictures. It‘s the resource we can carry with us, fold into our pockets and purses, circle and underline, cut up and stick on the fridge. It works without a battery. But it needs life more than ever. Baton Rouge Press can help your publication, brochure, insert, mailer, catalog have more life.

Using new, improved line screens, and a new management system, Baton Rouge Press will give your publication, your clients, your readers your competition a new look at your words and pictures.

Baton Rouge Press 2621 East Perdue Dr. Baton Rouge, LA, 70814 phone 225-275-8429 Fax 225-272-4798

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