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People ask if we print this, or print that.
Essentially we print two things—Time Sensitive Material and Non Time Sensitive Material with either Coldset Web, or UV Web. For some clients we print every week, some twice a month, others once a month, some a few times a year and then there’s that once in a lifetime.

…quality, on time delivery, customer service and competitive pricing. Baton Rouge Press partners with its customers in long term relationships to improve their publishers' competitiveness in their market place, helping them produce a better product to attract readers and ad sales. Baton Rouge Press has been busy building a new print management system, updating technology, and more, all to the benefit of Baton Rouge clients.

Ad agencies, corporate communications people, government, associations etc. will find that Baton Rouge Press web printing services offers a budget stretching alternative to sheet fed.

Baton Rouge Press is flexible offering Cold Set or UV, a more economical, environmentally friendly alternative to heat set web printing.

Upgrade your covers, inserts and more. Feel good about the environment.

Baton Rouge Press has very competitive pricing based on “Best Practices” with special consideration given for time flexibility. Talk to us often about special scheduling.
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